Mangroves National Park

Though not so popular, Mangroves National Park is one of the most fascinating and interesting destinations in Democratic Republic of Congo though it is the smallest still in the country covering about 768 square kilometers in size. Mangroves national park is the only marine park in Congo and it is more famous for its mangrove forests that it harbors. The Park is both a protected area and Ramsar wetland in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which is surrounded and subdivided into three different areas including; a riverside land area, a coastal strip and many mangrove islands. The mangrove islands are the only parts of the park that are fully protected while all other areas are only partially protected.

Mangroves National Park is found in the mouth of Congo River (Africa’s second largest river) close to Congo’s only true Ocean town of Muanda. The most appropriate time for visiting the Park is during the wet season when the plants seem to bring on a whole new meaning of lush tropical forestry and it is the best time to get good scenery of Mangroves. To enjoy this natural wonder you need to consult the local best tour agencies listed on Congo Parks guide which will organize and plan for your Congo entire tour plus booking for you Congo gorilla permits if you are to go for gorilla safaris in either Virunga for mountain gorillas or Kahuzi Biega for lowland gorillas.

Being a marine park, it protects the endangered manatee and the Park’s mangroves are distinct from the ones in South Asia. Besides its endangered manatees, the Park is also a home to Nile crocodiles, hippopotamuses, southern reed bucks, different snake species, monkeys and bush bucks which are also most likely to reside there. The mainland consists of a diverse flora made up of lush forests and plant life. Most of this particular region is covered with leafy plants, vines and dense growth of African oak, red cedar and walnut trees. Tall grasses and reeds can be found along the coastal line as well as coconut palms scattered throughout. The fauna of Mangroves National Park is also what makes it such a unique natural wonder to this specific area with various wildlife species such as crocodiles and hippos among others.

There are various activities that visitors to the Park will enjoy such as; game viewing, Congo River boat cruises, and bird watching viewing different bird species such as lesser flamingos and herons among others. Visitors to the Park can take residence in Mangroves lodge and other nearby accommodations around the Park.