Are you planning to travel to Democratic Republic of Congo for the Congo gorilla and wildlife safari tours visiting most of the famous national parks like Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park. There are several way to visit Congo and one of the best way to visit the country is through booking your Congo safari tours through the local tour operators which will help you to customize your best safari in Central Africa.

Though Democratic Republic of Congo used to be known as the insecure country due to the M23 rebels that had staged in the country’s tourist places like Virunga mountains. Today the country, neighbouring countries and several international security agencies have worked hard to stabilize the country. Most of the travelers to Congo visit Virunga to experience gorilla tours and the mount Nyiragongo hiking experience.

Most of the tourists going to Congo enter the country via Goma border by land or air. Today the Ethiopian Airline has introduced flight route to Goma Airport and clients come a day before they go for their experiences in the Virunga National Park. Then with your tour operator he or she will help you with the pick up and then transfer you to your hotel in Goma. Also those that wish to land in Kigali it is also possible to first have an overnight stay in Kigali or arrive early and then transfer to Gisenyi and stay in any lodge of your preparation with the company that you are traveling with to Congo.

Then with your tour operator do not forget to secure your tourist visa which will help you to access Democratic Republic of Congo and some of the highlights to secure this visa you have to first pay your Congo gorilla permit and the Nyiragongo trekking permit in the Virunga National Park.

Apart from traveling to Congo with the tour operator you can too visit the country using the private car rental from some of the car rental agencies in Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda but for the Rwanda and Uganda registered car to enter Democratic Republic of Congo you have to smart enough with the documentations.